The Benefits of Creatine For Women

The Benefits of Creatine For Women

Creatine is mostly targeted to the male athletic market for weightlifters, sprinters, and team sport athletes. However, outside of weight and endurance training, creatine has a significant effect on the health and development of the brain and hormones which are beneficial to not only men, but women too.

Why do women need creatine?

Women consume less creatine in their diet than men and so, have 20-30% less in their bodies. This compromises the energy function in their brain and body so it’s very important for women to supplement their bodies with creatine.

What are the benefits of creatine?

Improves cellular energy

Creatine helps create one of the body’s main energy sources, ATP. By adding more creatine to your diet, your body will have more energy to put into weight training and exercising. The more training and repetitions you do in a workout, the more calories you’ll burn and the more lean muscle you’ll build.

Supports brain health

Have you ever felt tired after a long day even without physical activity? This is because energy is exerted in the brain during mental activity. The brain muscle gets tired from thinking just like arm muscles would get tired from weightlifting. Supplement with creatine to keep your brain functioning at its best so you can make the judgement calls you need to throughout your day.

Minimizes the effects of aging

The joys of being a women include menopause and pregnancy where hormones fluctuate. Estrogen levels drop as women grow older and this oxidative stress increases inflammation. This puts women at risk of muscle loss, loss of bone density, and weakness. Creatine supplements may counteract these risk factors. Age is just a number and creatine has shown it improves physical function and increases lean muscle well after menopause.


Breaking down myths associated with creatine

"Weight gain"

A shift on the scale is misleading while taking creatine supplements because it is not necessarily fat gain. Creatine is hydrophilic which means it attracts and retains water in your body. This retention may be disguised as bloating or swelling. To counteract this, stay hydrated. Your cells will have less of a need to hold on to the water, thereby decreasing water retention and bloating. Continue to take your creatine supplements and increase your water intake to avoid “weight gain.”

"Too much muscle mass"

Women biologically have less testosterone in their bodies than men so it’s hard to put on a lot of muscle mass. You would have to be purposefully consuming a ton of calories to see the gains bodybuilders do. Creatine helps you gain lean muscle, yes, but it’s more about the energy it creates. When you have more energy, you’re more efficient and effective during your workout whether you’re trying to bulk up or not.

"Kidney damage"

Creatine levels are checked when requisitioning blood work on kidney function but taking creatine supplements isn’t necessarily associated with higher creatine levels. Very few of those taking creatine supplements reported problems with their kidney or liver function.

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