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Does Protein Powder Expire?

Does Protein Powder Expire?

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Everybody has their own health and fitness goals as well as a personalized mentality and strategy to achieve them. While whey protein and protein powder may not be for everyone, many folks utilize supplemental protein powder in their workout and diet routine. As the leading place to buy protein powder online –offering many of the best protein powder varieties on the market – Nutrition Zone is here to support you in all of your fitness needs.

Because whey protein and other protein powders can be a little pricey, many people who buy protein powder online are curious about their expiration dates. Below, we seek to answer some of your whey protein and protein powder questions – including those regarding shelf life and expiration dates.

What is protein powder, anyway?

When you set out to buy protein powder online, you may be surprised by the variety available to you. Today, protein powder can come in many forms including the popular whey protein (which is milk based), soy protein, vegetable protein (often pea based), and rice protein. No matter the source, however, users are generally consuming protein for the same reason. Protein powder can help with muscle gain, and that is really why it emerged on the market in the first place. Recent research has also started to demonstrate that an intentional increase in protein intake may also help with fat loss, blood sugar stabilization, bone health, and even blood pressure.

What is the shelf life of protein powder?

With so many different types of protein powder on the market there isn’t a ton known about shelf-life, though there are some best guesses. If you buy whey protein online, however, you are purchasing one of the more popular and longstanding protein powders around, and a bit more is known about it. While companies are not required to list an expiration date on their protein powder products, many will offer a best-by designation. Generally speaking, whey protein has been found to have a shelf life exceeding one year and in many cases two years if stored properly (cool place with minimal humidity). Many protein powders contain additional additives that extend their shelf even longer.

Can consuming expired protein powder make you sick?

The biggest risk of expired protein powder is that it can lose its potency over time and experience a decrease in protein content. That said, if you notice a rancid smell, bitter taste, change in color, or excessive clumping in your protein powder it may be time to throw it out. Just like with expired food expired protein powder could make you sick, though you should be able to catch the warning signs listed above before actually putting it into your body.

Whether you are trying to build muscle mass or simply need to add more protein to your diet, protein powders offer a quick, easy, and relatively affordable way to do so. Nutrition Zone offers some of the best protein powder on the market – at affordable prices – and our professional staff is here for you. Shop around to see what you can find, and contact us if you have any questions – our team prides itself on customer service.

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