Choose the Best Protein Powder for You

Choose the Best Protein Powder for You

Is Protein Important?

Micronutrients are needed by our bodies in large quantities. Food is comprised of three micronutrients of which protein is one. Protein is more than about muscle-building, it is contained in every cell in our body. Proteins are essentially chains of amino acids which create the body’s physical structures. Used to repair any cell damage and create new cells, protein is also a source of energy.

Although you may only think of protein in the context of building muscles, is a very critical part of our overall health and well-being at the cellular level.

Protein powder is a dietary supplement, typically produced from various protein sources like whey, soy, hemp, pea, and rice. There are others. A cup of protein powder supplement in a shake may be an easy way to get your daily requirement. A shake may also be a lot easier to get down than a plate of meat. Buy your protein powder from Nutrition Zone.


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How Much Protein Do You Need?

The amount of protein needed depends on your sex, age, weight, and level of activity. It has been established that women and older adults are at the most risk of not meeting their protein requirements. How much is right? Here are some numbers.

If someone is 165 lbs. (or about 75 kg) and is fairly sedentary, they’d need a little over 2 oz. (or about 60 grams) of protein daily. For someone regularly engaged in physical activity, like an athlete, who weighs 165 lbs. (or about 75 kg), they’d need between 3.2 oz. (about 90 grams) to 5.2 oz. (about 150 grams).

How Much Protein Does Protein Powder Contain?

Typically, there is about 25 to 30 grams (or .88 to 1.05 oz.) of protein per scoop. Most active people drink one protein shake per day, which has one scoop of protein. They receive almost half of their daily dosage of protein from that single shake.

Are Protein Powders Created Equal?

No. Protein powder supplements are not created equal. They can have different processing methods, nutrition content, consistency, texture, and flavor. you get what you pay for. Cheaper supplement protein powders might seem like a better option, but they are most likely not. You probably want to avoid cheaper supplements as they often include low-quality or even harmful ingredients. Plus, cheaper brands can be contaminated with substances that are banned for good reason. This is because cheaper brands do not pay for third-party testing or verification certifications.

There are good protein supplements that are reasonably priced, you just need to do a little research to make sure you’re picking a good one. Protein supplements can have different processing methods, nutritional content, consistency, texture, and flavor. The best way to assure consistent quality is to buy protein supplements online from Nutrition Zone.

Buy Protein Powder Supplements from Nutrition Zone

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