The Best Testosterone Boosters of 20221

The Best Testosterone Boosters of 2022

Testosterone is a sex hormone in men that dictates sex drive, sperm count, muscles, and strength. A hormone booster boosts these functions – higher libido, higher sperm count, bigger muscles and stronger ones too. With this power in your arsenal, you’ll perform better in the gym and in the bedroom. Nutrition Zone has put together this list of our top four testosterone boosters.

1. Alpha Lion Superhuman Muscle

Have you ever felt your genetics were the reason you weren’t able to build muscle and there was no way around it? Superhuman Muscle has found a way! Superhuman builds muscle size and strength regardless of what your momma gave ya. It works by increasing muscle protein synthesis. The more protein synthesizes in your body, the more energy you receive. This surplus of energy allows you to endure more and perform better because you won’t need to stop from fatigue. Superhuman Muscle is 100% natural and safe for men and women. The ingredients you’ll find on the label are, VAS06, which is extracted from green tea, laxosterone, which comes from a plant called Smilax scobinicaulis, and BioPerine, which is taken from black pepper fruits.

Why Nutrition Zone recommends this product: Superhuman Muscle increases blood flow, pumps, and vascularity which makes your muscles look incredibly defined.

2. Black Dragon Labs 5-Alpha

5-Alpha is a testosterone booster that utilizes natural ingredients to increase lean muscle growth, strength and power. Laxogenin, found in plants, stimulates growth. Combining laxogenin with four other testosterone boosters in 5-Alpha has shown a 200% uptake in muscle protein synthesis as well as raising testosterone levels.

Why Nutrition Zone suggests it: 5-Alpha is an anabolic agent, doubling as a muscle builder and testosterone booster.

3. Nutrakey Tribulus

Nutrakey Tribulus is a health and wellness supplement derived from the Tribulus Terrestris herb. Nutrakey Tribulus has plant sterols, which reduce cholesterol, alkaloids, which treat disease, and saponins, which improve immune system function. As a testosterone booster, Tribulus surges testosterone levels naturally. Testosterone stimulates libido, stamina, metabolism, and lean body mass. If you are struggling with fertility or impotence, Tribulus has the capabilities of making you feel like a stallion inside and outside!

Why Nutrition Zone likes it: the ingredient is 100% pure. There are absolutely no fillers, whatsoever.

4. Repp Sports DAA+

D-Aspartic acid restores levels of testosterone in as fast as twelve days. If patience is not your virtue, DAA+ makes muscle and energy grow fast and you see the effects just as quickly. This testosterone booster makes your performance better while training by decreasing recovery time and increasing lean muscle mass.

Why Nutrition Zone carries it: DAA+ has been backed by clinical research and results are seen very soon after starting the supplement.

Testosterone is responsible for muscle and bone growth, strength and libido. If you notice you’ve lost muscle, bone density, or your sex drive, Nutrition Zone can help you get your mojo back with testosterone. Nutrition Zone has these testosterone supplements in our Los Angeles shop, or you can buy testosterone online from our website. Sign up for coupon codes and discounts. Orders over $150 qualify for free shipping.

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